Render Cleaning

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The softwash cleaning method treats the organic micro-organisms growing in the render surface. This layer of biofilm causes the surface of your render to look grubby or dirty. For cleaning and treating render, a two phase method is used. 

What should I expect?

Phase one of the softwash process will involve the area being gently treated with a HSE approved cleaning product specially selected for your property. 

Before applying the treatment, all plant life will be pre and post drenched with fresh water. Any particularly vulnerable plants will be covered and the area sectioned off to block pedestrian access to the working area. All pets must be safely kept indoors with windows shut. 

Whilst using biocide treatment, appropriate PPE will be worn as a standard health and safety precaution. During the course of treatment, the area may be rinsed using fresh water. 

Following phase one, you may expect to see an initial decrease in appearance as the biofilm, algae and mould is being brought out to the surface. It will reveal some dark patches of bio growth that you weren’t even aware were there. Over the next few weeks and months the biocide will safely eat away at the bio film and gives the area protection lasting over two years. 

Phase two will take place after 5 weeks of initial treatment. This stage will involve steaming away the remains of the biofilm, algae and mould. A licensed oxidiser will then be spot applied where shadowing remains. This releases a very small quantity of chlorine vapour during application so there may be a slight ‘swimming pool’ smell for a short time. 

Why do we softwash instead of pressure wash the render? 

Pressure washing can cause permanent damage to your render. It can reduce the integrity, remove chunks and invalidate the warranty of your render. Softwashing however, is recommended by the render companies. It is a more gentle process and deals with treating the underlying cause of the staining instead of removing just the top layer with pressure. 

Certifications and Insurance

We are City & Guilds qualified and for our customers assurance and welfare, we hold up to £5m public and up to £10m employers liability insurance. 

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