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Why is it important?

If left, moss can loosen and cause damage to roof tiles, cause severe and regular gutter blockages and ruin the look of your property.

Removal of moss can prevent these issues but clearing it away alone can actually spread the spores across the roof resulting in it growing back quickly over a larger area. It is recommended therefore, that the roof is also treated with a biocide to kill the spores & roots of moss, algae and mould. 

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies according to roof size, tile type and ease of access. Generally, the cost for moss clearance and treatment falls between £10 & £15 per square meter. 

How is it done?

Assessments are made at quotation stage to select the correct treatment and to work out appropriate safety precautions. Where appropriate, a scaffold tower will be erected and moss removal with shaped extension tools will begin.

After all moss is cleared and brushed down, all gutters are cleared and then temporary down pipes are fitted to minimise treatment entering the water course.

Finally, a HSE approved professional bio treatment is brushed into the roof tiles. This will then be left to work. 

What should I expect?

Results will vary slightly according to the type and age of tile along with how well it has been maintained over the years. Following the work, you will have a roof clear of moss with treatment still covering it, protecting it from regrowth. Over the next few months the biocide will be at work, and over the course of the year you will see visible changes to the colour of the tiles and lichen spots as the layer of bio film is gradually worn down by the treatment, assisted by the elements. This gentle approach avoids damage that would otherwise be caused from high pressure alternative methods. 

The treatment will prevent regrowth over the next few years. It is recommended that you re-treat every 2 to 3 years to keep your roof moss free. If done regularly, the treatment cost is a fraction of the initial work as there would be no need to remove moss. 


I am a City & Guilds trained Professional Softwash Technician, having also completed an emergency chemical & oil spill management response course along with a Pasma Scaffold tower training course for working at heights.  


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